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WinAir forms software includes all of NTCAR’s commercial forms and 50 forms from the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association in California.  The AIR forms are fully editable and can be a valuable resource for your business.

How WinAir Forms work:   WinAIR software with NTCAR forms is based on an initial one-time download fee and actual usage of the forms. Costs are managed by a token system that assigns costs based on the size and importance of each form. You are only charged for usage when you “complete” the form thus removing the watermarked word “Draft” from the form.

Please pay attention to the legal notice when using California based forms. 


The software has an initial download fee and then each contract in priced in different token values:

Initial Fees:

Members – $299, includes $100 of tokens

Non-members – $399 and token costs are double

Token Values:

NTCAR Forms Token Values

WinAIR Forms Token Values

Available Forms


AIR Commercial Real Estate Association Forms

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