january 2019

NTCAR is the most effective vehicle for personal brand development in our industry today.  The opportunities to network, learn and provide services to the community are unlimited.  Every broker in North Texas should belong and participate.

Jack Gosnell - CBRE / NTCAR Board of Director




I became a NTCAR member as soon as I entered the business and have found it not only to be an outstanding organization for it’s high-quality events and superior referral network, but also as great way to get intimately involved with the North Texas real estate community.  NTCAR provides the opportunity to create lasting relationships with the necessary tools and information sharing to foster continuous career growth in one of the strongest, most competitive commercial real estate markets in the country.

Tim Axilrod - SHOP Companies / YPF Chairman 2018



november 2018

When I first entered the industry, NTCAR was critical to my growth as a broker.  The organization helped me learn the market and meet the key players in my discipline.  As I advanced in my career, my relationships in the office sector grew naturally.  NTCAR gave me the opportunity to network with industrial, retail and multi-family brokers and owners outside of my office centric community.  I highly recommend NTCAR for those seeking exposure within the real estate community and desiring to enhance relationships.

Sarah Hinkley - Thirty-Four Commercial / 2019 NTCAR Board of Director


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