Property Info: Have / Want System

The NTCAR Property Info: Have/Want System is an automatic property marketing resource for NTCAR members. The system allows you to send your property email to hundreds of practicing professionals and post your property to the NTCAR website for all to see, in one easy step. You must be an active NTCAR member to submit properties; however, non-members can subscribe to the daily email updates and browse the website for postings.

Email Distribution: Your property message will be sent to all the NTCAR members subscribed to the list. Please be advised emails are distributed Monday – Friday at 6 pm. Each submitted property message will be distributed within 1-3 business days.

NTCAR Website: Your property message will be posted to the NTCAR website on the Property Listings webpage for all internet users to view. Each message posted receives a unique URL. You are encouraged to share this unique URL with clients and colleagues to further market your property. Please be advised each property will be posted to the website and contain an active URL for 15 days.

This resource is provided to NTCAR members to enhance the marketing opportunities for brokers and agents. The Property Info System is an integral part of our members business and a valuable NTCAR benefit.

Property Info System Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Active NTCAR Member: The contact person for the property message must be an active NTCAR member. Any messages with a non-member contact will be deleted.

  • Subscribe to Category: Make sure you subscribe to the category that you have submitted your property message to.

  • Do NOT Reply to the Email Updates: To reply to the property info emails please contact the person listed on the email directly. Simply clicking reply will send your email back to NTCAR. NTCAR does not have any additional information regarding the property.

  • Commercial Property Use Only: All messages are monitored by NTCAR for suitable content. The system is only intended for the marketing of commercial properties or finding commercial real estate needs for clients.

Submitting Message Guidelines:

  • Only submit property message every 2 weeks per category: Do not submit your property more than once every two weeks. Please note your property will remain posted to the NTCAR website for 15 days. Once your property is no longer posted on the website, you can resubmit your property for distribution.

  • Only submit up to 4 unique property messages, per category each day: Please limit four property messages – per each category – per day. Only the first four messages received per category will be approved, any additional messages will be deleted.

  • Do not excessively use capitalization. Please do not submit property messages that contain an unreasonable amount of capitalization within the subject line and description.

  • Only submit properties to the category or categories that are appropriate for your property. Properties that are submitted to all four categories will be deleted. Mixed use or flex space properties can be submitted under the appropriate categories. Land properties can be listed under General and the appropriate zoned use. Multiple family properties are categorized as General.

  • Attachments cannot exceed 20MB.

Send a Message

To send a message, simply click the Property Info: Have/Wants Form located on the main menu bar. In order to email your message to all subscribed members and post your message to the NTCAR website, simply complete the form and click submit.

*You will be prompted to enter a password. This password is provided to all active NTCAR members. Please contact NTCAR if you are experiencing difficulties or need to obtain the password (214)638-5525.


You can subscribe to the Office, Industrial, Retail and General categories by clicking the menu bar titled Property Info: Have/Want Email Sign Up. Complete the required fields and check the property categories you would like to receive via email.

Subscribed members will receive 1 email per day (per list) with all the property messages for that day. A maximum of 4 emails will be sent each day, one email update for each category; Retail, Office, Industrial and General.

Please be advised email updates are distributed Monday – Friday at 6 pm. Each property message will be distributed within 1-3 business days of submission.


Unsubscribe to ALL NTCAR property info email updates: Scroll to the bottom of a property info email and click “Unsubscribe.” Please keep in mind this will unsubscribe you to ALL four categories; Office, Industrial, Retail and General.

Unsubscribe to a particular category: Scroll to the bottom of a property info email and click “Update Your Subscription Profile”. Here you can update your contact information (Name, Email Address, etc) as well as your desired mailing lists.

Please contact NTCAR at 214.638.5525 with any questions or comments.